Space Energy

Space Energy AG

Using proven concepts, Space Energy is developing satellites that will operate as space solar energy collectors and transmitters. Clean solar energy will be transmitted from these orbiting satellites to receivers on the Earth’s surface.

Space Energy seeks to harness the benefits of a new source of renewable energy in the form of Space-Based Solar Power. The company has assembled a world-class team with a directive to develop, own, and operate the first Space-Based Solar Power (SBSP) satellites. We plan to provide base-load, regional, captive, and emergency electrical power to customers around the world, at affordable market prices. Leading experts have identified SBSP’s key benefits as:

  • The ability of the solar arrays to remain in sunlight 24 hours a day
  • The ability to deliver power on demand without the need for complex or large-scale terrestrial infrastructure

The company plans to develop SBSP satellites to generate and transmit electricity to receivers on the Earth’s surface. To do this, the company plans to create and launch a prototype satellite into low earth orbit (LEO). Space Energy enters the market with perfect timing and positioning as a much needed provider of renewable energy. Using proven concepts, the company will develop satellites that will operate as space solar energy collectors and transmitters.  Clean solar energy will be transmitted from these orbiting satellites to receivers on the Earth’s surface.

Space Energy’s systems engineering team is led by Dr. Feng Hsu. Dr. Hsu was until recently head of the NASA GSFC risk management function, and was the GSFC lead on the NASA-MIT joint project for risk-informed decision-making support on key NASA programs, as GPM, LSS and the CxP etc. He was also a leading engineer/scientist in the Shuttle and Exploration Analysis Department at JSC in Houston, and led key projects such as the Shuttle PRA modeling & integration, SLEP and Shuttle upgrade trade studies. Dr. Hsu served on many agency and center expert panels supporting challenging SMA issues, including his key roles in the STS-107 (Space Shuttle Columbia) investigation team, the Return to Flight team, and ECO expert team for the Discovery mission.

The core product the company will sell to a variety of energy customers around the world is an abundant supply of clean and renewable kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity. Space Energy’s target market includes a wide range of energy buyers, including governments and private entities.

Space Energy TEDx Talk

Space Energy Terrestrial

Space Energy Terrestrial Inc. (SET) is dedicated to the development and deployment of Solar Energy Parks and Facilities. SET is in on the cutting edge of Solar Energy technologies, and will be deploying state of the art equipment and construction techniques to maximize energy production, efficiency and profitability. The Operations Management Team of SET bring decades of development and financial experience to the corporation. Their political and economic basis in the United States brings added incentives in the form of current government encouragement. Our unique strategy and alliance with the top technological minds on the planet provide a strong backing and foundation for development. This is the most ideal time in history for the positioning of a Renewable Energy Supplying Company – particularly with the simultaneous Federal Governments push for renewable Energy that is currently occurring. SET currently is in negotiations with multiple Electrical Utility companies to secure long term Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) and Interconnection Agreements. (IA’s).

While these agreements are being finalized, SET is also doing feasibility studies and evaluations on multiple potential Solar Park locations. Areas of immediate consideration are California, Alabama, Colorado, Kentucky, New Jersey, Texas, New Mexico and Mississippi. SET will also liaise with Space Energy Inc. in locating and developing the Rectenna sites that will be required to receive energy transmissions from satellites deployed by Space Energy.


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