What did people say about the book?

We include a short selection of testimonials and reviews; if you would like more detailed information, almost 200 people have now reviewed the book on Amazon UK and Amazon US.



“This book should be mandatory reading for all students and graduates pre, during and post university.”

Hermione Way, 23, entrepreneur and journalist
Founder Newspepper.com & Techfluff.TV

“If you’re an ambitious student looking to become a high-flier, this is the manual that’ll help you achieve that. Very practical and original ideas. Highly recommended!”

Kieran O’Neill, serial entrepreneur
Sold his first company for $1.25 million aged 19

“Jan’s story of humble beginnings in the Czech Republic, to 10 Grade As at A-Level (3-4 As are the norm for Oxbridge entrants), to today running 4 businesses and a charity, olympic-level sporting accomplishments, success working at various investment banks and hedge funds – all seemingly effortless whilst on track for a 1st class degree, has attracted considerable press attention and is frequently met with jaws dropping and always met with one word: “How?”. RTE reveals exactly how.”

Anjool Malde, Associate at Deutsche Bank

“Racing Towards Excellence makes essential reading for anyone stepping out into the big wide world. My only lament is that this advice was not available many moons ago when I left university!”

Chris Howland, CEO at Mount Row Capital
Previously Managing Director, Morgan Stanley

“I wish I had read this book when I was 17, and again at 19 and again at 24! Congratulations to Jan and Muzaffar on an outstanding book. Buy it for any young person whose future you care about.”

Peter Harrison, CEO at Harrison Careers
Previously Executive Director, Goldman Sachs

“Whether you’re at the start of your life journey and debating university course choices, going through a mid-life career change, or just looking to become more effective and happy in whatever you are doing, this is a book that will help you through the process and teach you the essential life skills for success.”

Veronika Kapustina, student, LSE

“This volume points out many of the irrational tendencies that tend to hold us back, and explains what kind of changes need to be made about our mentalities in order to create that most valuable asset for any ambitious young person – outperformance. Read it, and benefit… as I have.”

Lian Po Kor, student, LSE




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