About the Authors

Muzaffar Khan

Muzaffar Khan (LinkedIn) is a principal and board member of Space Energy AG, a company seeking to develop space-based solar power satellites that generate and transmit electricity to the Earth’s surface. Space Energy also develops surface-based solar farms across the world. Space Energy has offices in USA, China, Canada, Switzerland and UAE.

Previously, Muzaffar worked in trading and asset management at Moore Capital, Barclays Capital and Citibank, before retiring from the industry in 2003. Since then, he has split his time between consulting for investment banks and hedge funds, incl. Man Group, and working with, and investing in, social enterprises.

Muzaffar is passionate about developing talent, having directly mentored hundreds of students over the last two decades. He is currently involved in a range of initiatives, including working with King’s College London to improve access to top UK universities for underprivileged students, and speaking about personal development and careers at universities across the world. Longer term, the goal is extending such programmes into working with companies to provide internships for students with non-traditional backgrounds.

Muzaffar holds degrees in Economics, Development and English Literature from the London School of Economics and King’s College London. He was previously the vice-chairman of ACOPs, an international environmental charity.


Jan Sramek

Jan Sramek (LinkedInFacebook) is head of Erudify, a technology company that invents and builds learning machines — tools that let learners acquire knowledge and skills more easily. Erudify works with government agencies and private companies to help their pupils, clients, and employees learn more and better.

Previously, Jan worked at Goldman Sachs in London where he ran a proprietary currency mandate across global emerging markets. In 2009, Financial News named him the youngest ever person to make the annual Rising Stars Under 40 list — aged 22.

During university, Jan worked part-time in trading and research for hedge funds and investment banks in London, as well as being involved with start-up businesses – founding, selling and failing them. He graduated with a First in Mathematics and Economics, and won almost £100,000 in scholarships from the Open Society Foundation, Bootham School, Trinity College, Cambridge, UBS Investment Bank, Marshall Wace and others.

Before university, Jan started and run a sports statistics business, was named an Olympic hope in handball, broke the world A-level record and founded Oxbridge Admissions, a charity. Later, he attended Trinity College, Cambridge before transferring to the London School of Economics in order to capitalize on the opportunities in the City.



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