Alchemy Ventures

Alchemy Ventures

Committed to Raising Aspirations


Alchemy Ventures wants to take a young adult’s hand from the age of 16 and stay with them until they have joined the workplace, started their own business or in some other ways have become responsible and successful contributors to society.

The company wants to create a holistic approach to make this happen for every young adult regardless of their intellectual ability. We are particularly passionate about helping young adults with learning difficulties. Another focus are students from minorities that are experiencing cultural integration challenges.

We are also committed to helping adults from economically disadvantaged ackgrounds access the same opportunities for success enjoyed by the private school elite.

What Alchemy offers schools

Alchemy Ventures provides lecture series to deliver on the career aspirations, as well as catering to the government PSHE program, for seven different categories of students:

  1. Oxbridge
  2. All other universities
  3. Entrepreneurship
  4. Apprenticeships
  5. Creative/ Arts
  6. Leadership in school and society at large
  7. Learning Difficulties

In addition it provides two lecture series, one designed for teachers in general and the other catering particularly for head-teachers, in helping educators focus on how to deliver the career aspirations of their students.

Alchemy Ventures is providing the first lecture in each of these series free of charge as its social contribution and using its other revenue streams to fund this social work.

Alchemy Ventures uses a core reference text called “Racing towards Excellence” (RTE), written by its Managing Director Muzaffar Khan, to provide a greater level of information than just in the classroom. RTE fits all the criteria to be the core book for the government mandated PSHE program.

The foreword for RTE is written by Sir Howard Davies, the Director of the London School of Economics and ex-chairman of the FSA. Sir Howard is currently a Board Member of Morgan Stanley and Chairman of the Man Booker Prize.

Regarding the authors: Muzaffar Khan has over 15 years experience helping students achieve their university and career entry goals. Over the last 10 years as well as a successful career in the city he has been a management consultant and business coach to some of the largest companies in the UK. Jan Sramek is the UK record holder in A Levels. For a full background on the authors, please click here.

[RTE has over 100 references to the latest research in behavioural economics, behavioural psychology and neurosciences. The aim of both the book and the lectures is not just to extrapolate from the experiences of the authors but also to back that up with leading current academic research in life skills, as defined by UNICEF. The key intent is that the book acts as a portal to many different avenues of life skills study for students throughout their life.]

The Oxbridge lectures in particular are backed up further by a website called Oxbridge Admissions Info. This site is a free-to-use website which provides advice from almost 1,000 current applicants or graduates to Oxbridge.

The advice ranges from ‘what extra-curricular activities help entry’ to ‘life at colleges’ to ‘suitability of different colleges for different subjects’. Over 100,000 people have already used the site. This website acts as a powerful virtual vehicle for leveling the playing field for Oxbridge guidance provided to bright yet economically disadvantaged students. It is completely funded through the proceeds of ‘Racing towards Excellence’.

What sets Alchemy apart is that every aspect of its work has a rigorous academic pedigree. On top of this Alchemy offers the first lecture free at every school as it believes that only if the feedback from the students is positive should the school then pay for any further lectures. Academic pedigree and a connection with its core audience are the benchmarks by which Alchemy expects to be judged initially. We expect thereafter to be in touch with the students throughout their progress to the career of their choosing so that we can constantly monitor our success rate in helping students realise their career aspirations.

The ultimate aim of Alchemy is to facilitate highly successful, well adjusted, pro-social individuals who then encourage others in a continuous chain.


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